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Old Town



The Eureka Art and Culture Commission often partners with the many dedicated organizations throughout Eureka.
Eureka Main St. headed by Charlotte McDonald is a frequent and dynamic partner, as well as the Redwood Art Association, Parks and Rec., The Ink People and Libby Maynard, Humboldt Arts Council/Morris Graves Museum and the executive director-curator Jemima Harr. Additionally, we at the Eureka Art and Culture Commission appreciate the work and support of the City of Eureka staff and city council.

The Art and Culture Commission welcomes new partnerships and feedback from the community, businesses, and other organizations.

Public Art- Map

The City of Eureka now has a downloadable, printable map of murals and sculptures in Eureka. It makes it easy
for locals and tourists to select walking tours of the varied and delightful works in our city. Thank you Ink People for creating such a functional and beautiful map! We appreciate the work of Karen Asbury, the Ink People data manager and Kati Texas, Artistic Director, for putting it together. A printed version is available in the Palette Magazine, leading guide to art and culture
resources in the city.

Mural Brochure.pdf

Recycling Bins Project Manager: Isadora Sharon

The Eureka Art and Culture Commission is pleased to announce the selection of Isadora Sharon as the
project manager for the Recycling Bin Painting Project. Isadora Sharon is a Hungarian Filipina artist, born and raised in
New York City. She is currently a graduate student in the applied anthropology program at
Humboldt State University. She graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor degree in
Anthropology and a minor in Fine Arts.

Performing and Visual Art has always been a huge part of her life. She comes from a long history of artists and performers who have made a historical mark in the Philippines. She has a background in various forms of
dance, acting, choreographing, painting, metal casting, figure sculpting and building miniatures. As a student
she completed a variety of projects in ethnomusicology, fine art, and anthropology. She also traveled abroad
to study the impact of tourism on traditional art forms and indigenous cultures in Peru and the Cordillera region of Philippines where her mom grew up.

For more information on this project, please call the Ink People
707-442-8413, and see sponsorship information below.

Recycling Bin Painting Project

A community member presented an idea to rejuvenate the city's recycling bins to the Eureka Art and Culture Commission. The EACC eagerly agreed to facilitate her project seeing it as an opportunity for artists, students, youth groups and business owners to collaborate together to beautify Eureka. We hope you will be one of them- either as an artist or sponsor.

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to choose a design, select an artist or team, and even have your name on the recycling can.

A recycling bin can be turned into a work of art enhancing your location and the city while encouraging recycling for only $125.00. This will become an artist or team honorarium. You may choose an artist you know personally or from our roster of artists.

Your generous support will be acknowledged:

at the completion of the project

in the newspaper

on the our website

the cans will become part of the public art list

We believe this will add to the developing momentum to beautify Eureka, Discourage graffiti and encourage recycling.
For further information, call the Ink People: 707-442-8413 or call 445-0565 and someone will get back to you.
To send in your sponsorship and get started right away, print out the form below and send it to the
ATTN: EACC recycling bin project
23 5TH ST. EUREKA, CA. 95501

recycling bin sponsorship form

Artists & Creatives!, Send your contact information to if you want to jazz up a recycling can and help our community encourage recycling.

Award-Helen Putnam Award Winner
The League of Cities selected Eureka to receive the Helen Putnam Award for Excellence for Economic Development through the Arts. This was possible due to the dedication of Charlotte McDonald, Executive Director of Eureka Main Street; Libby Maynard, Executive Director of The Ink People and Cyndi Trobitz-Thomas, former Director of Redevelopment and Housing for the City of Eureka. The Putnam award highlights the best of cities' innovative programs. Eureka was recognized, among other winning cities, at the League of California Annual Conference and will be featured in the Western City Publication in 2014. Eureka also received a Putnam Award for the G.U.L.C.H. program, an innovative, youth driven teen program in which Donna Wood is Recreation and Facilities Manager.

Public Art- Community Walk Map
We are highlighting public art in our city, making it easier for visitors and locals to find it.
As part of this effort, a community map has been walk map


The focus of the EACC continues to be on enhancing the quality of life in the City of Eureka with the installation of art in public places. Public art makes where we live and work more beautiful and inviting. Cooperation with other arts organizations has become essential in accomplishing exciting public art developments in our community.

Gift of Sculpture by artist to city:

The city has recently accepted a gift from artist Rick Kistler of the large-scale sculpture "Wonder Lust" which has
been enjoyed by so many at the c Street Market Square. Once a location is chosen it will become a permanent part of our Eureka Landscape, for which we are appreciative.

Sculpture at C St. - for display and Sale

The October Arts Alive was the official opening of the new sculpture exhibition at the C St. Market Square. The five new sculptures are an important component of the market square. They are part of a yearly juried rotating exhibition. This sculpture competition gives the community an opportunity to view art in public location as well as purchase it.

Water Feature Sculpture Competition- Sculptor Chosen:

Local artist Jack Sewell was chosen this year through a county-wide competition to design and construct the permanent water feature at the C Street Market Square. This fountain will be a focal point at the Plaza when completed. It is currently in process. Members of the community can see the work as it progresses while enjoying the plaza and the other sculptures.


Roy Grieshaber, Vice President of the Eureka Arts and Culture Commission, presenting the Eureka Arts Recognition Award to Tina Mackenzie for the Eureka Symphony at the City Council Meeting.


photo: Bob Fasic

Times-Standard-Dec. 18, Award-Winning Symphony:

The 2011 Eureka Arts Recognition Award was presented to the
Eureka Symphony at a recent meeting of the city council. Tina Mackenzie, vice president of the board of directors, represented the symphony and accepted the award. They symphony was chosen for its contribution to the vibrant culture of the community through classical music. Pictured from left are Vice Chair Roy Grieshaber, board member Carol Scher, Commissioner
Susan Bloch-Welliver, Vice President Tina Mackenzie and Commissioner Shelley W. Holstein. The symphony offers an annual concert series that includes five performances from fall through spring. This year, the symphony is celebrating 20 years of bringing concerts to audiences on the North Coast.

RECOGNITION AWARD-2011 City Council Presentation
(starts at time 28:00) (link:


The 2011 Eureka Arts Recognition Award was presented to The Eureka Symphony. Tina Mackenzie, Vice President of the Board of Directors, represented the Symphony and accepted the award. The Eureka Symphony was chosen for its contribution to the vibrant culture of our community through classical music.
This year the Eureka Symphony is celebrating 20 years of bringing delightful and diversified concerts to audiences of the North Coast.

Photographer:Maia Cheli-Chelando

RECOGNITION AWARD-2011- entries due Sept. 1

It's that time of year again. We welcome your input for the artist or arts advocate who has contributed to the betterment of life in Eureka through his or her creative endeavors. For information see the following two pdf files:

1. Recognition Award
2. Nomination Form

C Street Market Square-Public Art

Six Sculptors have been chosen for round two of the annual C St. Market Square competition. The entries were juried by Gordon Senior, Chair of the Art Department, California State University, Stanislaus, Turlock, CA. The competition is coordinated by the Redwood Art Association for the City of Eureka. See the work of the current sculptors on the Redwood Art Association website and be sure to visit C. St. Market Square! Art will be available for sale.

RFP for Water Sculpture- Due April 15, 2011

The City of Eureka and the Eureka Art and Culture Commission are
soliciting proposals from professional and emerging local Humboldt County artists for designing and constructing a permanent 'Water Sculpture" at the recently constructed 'C' Street Market Square at the foot of 'C' Street at the Boardwalk in Eureka. The sculpture's location will make it a main focal point of the Market Square and Boardwalk.

The City of Eureka has reserved funding of $20,000 for the design, construction and installation of this sculpture. read more____
click below for complete information.

faster loading: Water Sculpture. pdf
slower/clearer:Water Sculpture. pdf

C Street Market Square-Public Art

Eureka Main Street and the Eureka Art and Culture Commission developed 6 new public art sites at C Street Plaza on the water front. Six sculptures are currently on display and sale for one year as part of an annual rotating exhibit.
The current sculptors are: Marilyn Andrews, Elizabeth Berrien, John King, Rick Kistler, Sierra Pahl and Jack Sewell. The public art began with an invitational exhibit to be followed by a juried competition each succeeding year. A committee composed of community members working in the arts is organizing the competition. Watch for announcements in 2011.

ribbbon cutting 'C' Street

Ribbon cutting at the C. St. Plaza- October, 2010

from left to right:
Council members Mike Jones & Larry Glass, Mayor Virginia Bass, and Congressman Mike Thompson

Douglas Moorehead, ARTIST OF THE YEAR-2010

Douglas Moorehead won the Eureka Recognition award for improving life in Eureka through creative endeavors. Because of his efforts, the community has the opportunity to enjoy the pipe organ, normally only available in major metropolitan areas. It is available through the Christ Church Concert Series. click to see a pdf of the article in Eureka's Times-St rd newspaper: award article

photo: Bob Fasic

Douglas Moorehead

RECOGNITION AWARD-2010- entries due Sept. 1

The Artist of the Year Award for 2010 has been expanded to include either artists or arts advocates who have contributed to the betterment of life in Eureka through their creative endeavors.


The Artist of the Year Award for 2009 was presented to Robert Haynes for his numerous achievements in the arts. To read more about his many accomplishments, see the Times Standard Article (pdf) here: recognition-award-winner-2009

Susan Bloch,Lori Goodman, Bob Haynes, Libby Maynard, Roy Grieshaber Presentation of award at city hall to Robert Haynes. Oct. 2009

left to right:Commissioners Susan Bloch-Welliver and Lori Goodman, Robert Haynes, Ink People Director and EACC staff person, Libby Maynard,
Commissioner Roy Grieshaber


The Eureka Art & Culture Commission continues to work with Eureka Main Street to place public art in the city. Our recent successful joint project culminated during Arts Alive May 1 with an opening at the Vance Hotel, thanks to Jan Milstead. Her generous donation of favorite sculptures created by the founding members of the Pacific Rim Sculpture Group to the city of Eureka is exciting. At the opening she expressed her enthusiasm for the sculptures and her ideas about their meaning to a large crowd.

These sculptures, placed throughout Old Town, are well worth a walking tour. A brochure will be available to see their exact locations. Several are on F & C. Streets. Our two committees are continuing to look for sites & sculptures to enhance Eureka's viability as a City of Art.


Linda Wise was selected as the first Eureka Art and Culture Commission Recognition Award Winner. She was presented with the award at the City Council Meeting in October. The presentation coincided with the proclamation of National Arts and Humanities month. The Times Standard printed a full page story with photos. Read the on-line version in pdf form here: Recognition Award Winner Oct.2008


The Eureka Art and Culture Commission has developed a Recognition Award to honor artists who have bettered life in Eureka through creative endeavors. It will be presented annually. Nominations must be submitted by July 1st. Please click on the guidelines, print them out and submit them to the address on the guidelines. Current guidelines above.


The Eureka Art and Culture Commission finished the public art policy guidelines for the city of Eureka. It was presented to the city council and approved.

View a pdf of the public art guidelines, with a complete descriptive package of information, discussion and illustrative photos. Click on the link below:

Public Art Guidelines Full


It is believed that a public art policy would better assure consistency, quality, appropriateness and responsiveness.

There is a concern to put a process in place that will be followed by all parties interested in placing art in public places in the City of Eureka.

We consider Public Art any art that is located in publicly accessible places (i.e., in public buildings, schools, public parks, squares, waterfront areas, etc.) It is primarily visual, but not exclusively. It promotes a sense of identity with the place in which it is sited.

It is created as a result of an active dialogue between commissioners, artists and the public.


A "friends of" council has been formed through the Ink People called the Eureka Art & Culture Council that will work on fund raising, surveys and various activities beneficial to the EACC.


Commission members completed an inventory of the City Art Collection and compiled this on a database.


*In January, 2006, a show of selected art works of the city art collection was held at the Jennifer Kincaid Gallery which gave the public the opportunity to see the collection in a gallery setting during evening hours.


The EACC has a web site up and running created and maintained by Commission member Susan Bloch-Welliver.

*A public art survey of citizens of Eureka was completed.

TOWN HALL MEETING On May 18, 2005, the EACC sponsored a Town Hall Meeting on the subject of Art in Public Places with guest speaker, Lynne Baer. She is professional Public Art Consultant from the Bay art.